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25 March 2008 @ 05:38 pm
So, I'm abandoning my 1 year old baby  
Good bye, lurliene. DD: I just feel like I need a clean start with a new name.
I was going to delete this, but it's too precious to me. I mean, I poured out my heart to it for a whole goddamn year :O I missed the anniversary in February :[ And then I thought about f-locking all the posts.
...one by one.
...and then I stopped after one. ^^;; *lazy*

moved to

So if you get friended by some mysterious weirdo by that name, don't worry. It's not a pedophile. It's just me. x] ♥
And doesn't it sound like a cool name?? 8D I thought of that during geometry and started using it with everything XD

So yeah. See yah~ <3

-lurliene has left the chat-
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