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20 December 2007 @ 09:19 pm
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I need to buy/make Christmas presents soon D:
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I've done a lot few stupid things in my life so far. But I have to say what I did this afternoon has to top everything else. If anything, it's up there. WAY up there XDD

So, a couple of days ago it rained. The thing is: the snow has yet to melt and the temperature was probably lingering around or close to the freezing point. As a result, when the rain reached the snow - rather than washing it all away - it turned it into ice, or something close to it.

Anyway, my school is located in this giant ditch thing with relativly slopy hills for sides. My bus is conveniently parked on top of a hill - a hill covered in snow covered in ice, and though it's kinda small, it's certainly angled enough to snowboard on for a short while.

So here's when human curiosity mixed with stupidty comes in.

My friend, who is a real butthead (but I love her anyway :3), had this crazy idea of sliding down that hill on her stomach. HA! So this is where her brainpower is wasted on. Frankly, I would've loved to see her do it. But she's truly evil. She twisted up my mind and somehow convinced me to try it with her. I guess at the time it sounded like it would be fun. And if you saw the hill, it was a pretty sight; the snow had remained smooth and untouched even after a couple of days. It was tempting.

So what we did was take our jackets off, to be used as a sled of some sort, and opened it up. And then we backed up, ran forward, and launched ourselves.

And...FAILED. XD Instead of sliding smoothly downhill, we belly flopped into the snow. No movement at all, the ice just cracked and collapsed into the snow under my jacket. And we must have looked insanely MENTAL! XDDD We were laughing our ass off, as well as the spectators we gathered XD It was definitely a "you had to be there" moment.

Luckily, there was no pain ^^;; And after this, I swore to stop listening to my friend. XD

I talk about snow wayyy too much XD'' Last snow related entry for the rest of the year, promise!
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15 December 2007 @ 11:50 pm
I hate waking up one morning and going, "ZOMG It's snowing!"
And then the next day it's all vanished. Or turned into that crunchy salt stuff that people pour on their driveways.
Yeah, the last time it snowed, it was definitely not snow. Hail is more like it. But it did get me a snowday ^^

ALL JOO WRITERS OUT THERE! You know very well that the best gifts are the ones you make yourself. Join the December Anonymous Writing Challenge @ dormant_muses and give the gift of fanfic!
I feel the need to pimp this because there's so many unfulfilled requests there, which is, um...all of them D:
So join it and pimp! \:D/ bonus points if you can figure out which one is mine ;D

My internet has been pissing me off a lot lately. The "Internet Explorer was not working properly: Send error report?" sign has been popping up way more than it should. I'm guessing that's a problem, but if I tell my dad, he'll force me to fork over my laptop. Then he'll search it and clean it up and then ask me, "Why do you have so much anime and Japanese stuff in here?! >O" And then I'll say, "Because I like it and you can't do anything about that!"

Weirdo. He thinks anime = pr0n. Thanks to FYE for sticking the anime in the back with the X-rated videos and putting all the suggestive covers in the front. XP
But I love them anyway. My dad and FYE :3
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I've been trying to push myself into making another entry, and since I finally have the time, I decided it's now or never. Hello again :D Sorry I haven't done anything in years ^^;; I have 2 things to blame for that:

1. My brother, who was caught doing "bad things" on the Internet (it was unspecified, but he told me it wasn't...that o_o).
2. My dad, who temporarily banned us from the Internet because of said brother. As punishment. DDX Yes, during the rare moments Father was gone, I did sneak into my dad's office to watch anime "do homework" and read my f-list continue Christmas list research "check my email." Which wasn't the best excuse - the thing that that my broter got in trouble for involved email.

But 's all good now :D I think the "NO INTERNET" thing was just a "YOU BETTER NOT DO IT AGAIN!" Everything on my computer is seemingly the same...

The crapload of homework and tests my teachers are giving me also contribute to the 2 or 3 weeks void of LJ posts. It's HORRIBLE. Just when you think you're done with your assignments, you've got a project due on Friday, 3 tests on the same day next week, and a quiz the day after tomorrow.

They just keep on coming, like multiplying rabbits >_<

Oh yes, I spent last Saturday sulking. I was THIS CLOSE |_| to going to an anime con. But everyone simply refused to drive me T__T Both of my parents had work, my friend's mom didn't want to do it, and we just coulnd't get there :( I so wish I could get my license. ONE MORE YEAR T__T It ruined my day, and I simply refused to do anything but watch anime on the Wii, which is connected to our big TV. Grrr, I was so upset.

Still, the time wasn't wasted. I am in love with Full Metal Panic XD Sousuke is just so uptight and military and dense, it's endearing. And Chidori is perfect for him >w< Except that compared to 'Fumoffu' (yeah, I watched it first...), season 1 comes up short in Sousuke/Chidori moments. Ahh, Fumoffu >.< I wish I could erase it from my memory and rewatch it - IT WAS SOOOO GOOD X3

Sorry if this is long and uncut ^^;;
I need new icons. See yah :D
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20 November 2007 @ 04:20 pm
OMG. ShanaLogic.com is the best online clothing store in the world. I swear I spent like 2 hours yesterday adding every other item into MY WISHLIST (and I'm still not done XD). Everything there is just either cute or awesomely original, I totally spazzed out when I found this place.

Pictures!Collapse )

I'm on Turkey Day break now! Woot! 6 days, no school - I love this :D I wish we could've just pushed it to a week but whatever perhaps some more snow will come our way ^^.
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18 November 2007 @ 11:16 am
OMG!!! IT'S SNOWING!!! \^w^/
Thank you God, and thank you New Jersey! :DDD

I sure hope it keeps snowing. Perhaps until, tomorrow maybe? Just so we get like 2 or...12 inches of snow ;3
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15 November 2007 @ 08:22 pm

I nearly choked from laughter when I saw this, and then I found out that those aren't REALLY the translations d'aww...*__*. Ahaha XD

Got a new layout, and I looooove it ♥ Especially my new banner. Made it myself, thank you very much :D

Last night's episode of Pushing Daisies, I have to say, was the best and funniest so far.
I don't know if I should've laughed, but I did when I saw the guy was murdered with a hairbrush...XD

Oh I finished reading Every Visible Thing by Lisa Carey - amazingly good book, I don't think the ending did justice for the rest of the novel, but still ♥. It's very angsty, dark, and raw, you can't help but feel like storm clouds are approaching. Totally recommended :3

Speaking of rain, it rained today. :D
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10 November 2007 @ 06:37 pm

If I were Kira, you'd all be dead by now.Collapse )
5 minutes later: ...I am SO out of it, I worry myself XD
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03 November 2007 @ 11:51 pm
NUUUUUUUUU! Hana Kimi is over!!!!!! >___< Why did I finish it so quickly??? Why didn't I prolong the finale a little longer?!?! WHY ARAAAAA!!! DDDX

*note* that was left over from like a week ago...whatever XD

I miss being obsessed with a series D: I lost it with Naruto and Bleach and the rest are finito (Ouran, Hana Kimi, FMA, Furuba, Death Note...). I've got two possible contenders right now though: D.Gray-man and...no, I think it's just D.Gray-man. Oh, maybe Shakugan no Shana too...

For the longest time, I kept thinking there's this link between Shana and (Suzu) Haruhi:

See???? Don't they look similar??? :OOO This one's Shana, I don't have a Haruhi picture in my files that looks close enough to that (they're all anime pics), but I do know that this looks a lot like the Haruhi cover for its light novels. It wasn't until recently that I found out that they had the same illustrator. No wonder :D

Ahahaha, anyway I was going to say more stuff but I'm trying to watch Death Note at the same time.
And GOD, I can't concentrate when L is talking XD
ZOMG such a sexy voice >w<.
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28 October 2007 @ 04:13 pm
YESSS >D Lucky Star has even taken over the dorama world.

OMG I immediately burst into laughter when I saw the pompoms. They look so similar to the L*S ones! And I half expected to hear "Motteke! Sailor Fuku". But I guess "Girlfriend" is enough for me.

LMAO XD The writers certainly knew what their viewers like ;D Haha, it totally made what's left of my weekend.

...GAHHHH! Only one episode left of Hana Kimi for me *___* Yeah, I pretty much devoured the entire series yesterday. But I probably wouldn't have if they stopped leaving me on cliffhangers!!!! DAMN THEM!!!!!! *brain feels like exploding* Also, I'm having such a difficult time finding a working torrent for episode 12 T__T I simply refuse to watch it on crunchyroll. The quality there is way below its normal shittiness DX And Veoh sucks because I can't watch more than 5 minutes and I don't feel like downloading the thingy so I can watch the whole thing.

I like high quality videos. Is that too much to ask for? :3 I have HQ episode 11, and after 8 hours of crap, I was like, OMG TEH SHINY! 8D I forgot how clear these things could be XD

I just suddenly became aware of the TV and I hear "Viva Viagra!"
[dot dot dot] WHAT THE HELL IS MY FATHER WATCHING!?!?!?!! O______o
Oh football. Figures.

Ahhh...anyway I haven't posted all week. Too damn tired. I feel like my energy is just sucked out of my body. Good thing, next week is the last football game of the season for my school psh. we're too cool for the playoffs (yeah, that and our team sucks) and after that, my weekends are freeeeeeeeeeee!!!! If I'm smart like I think I am, I would take the time to recharge.

If not, I'll probably sleep a minimum of 10 hours all weekend and spend the time I'm awake watching anime and being antisocial. That works for me too ;D
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