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25 March 2008 @ 05:38 pm
Good bye, lurliene. DD: I just feel like I need a clean start with a new name.
I was going to delete this, but it's too precious to me. I mean, I poured out my heart to it for a whole goddamn year :O I missed the anniversary in February :[ And then I thought about f-locking all the posts.
...one by one.
...and then I stopped after one. ^^;; *lazy*

moved to

So if you get friended by some mysterious weirdo by that name, don't worry. It's not a pedophile. It's just me. x] ♥
And doesn't it sound like a cool name?? 8D I thought of that during geometry and started using it with everything XD

So yeah. See yah~ <3

-lurliene has left the chat-
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23 January 2008 @ 04:47 pm
HOOOOOMFG. I'm laughing and crying and hyperventilating at the same time. WFWFOJIFJIOQWEP XDDD

HOLY SHIT. ♥ THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. The timing. The scene selections. The Tama/Haru-ness. THE CONFESSION IN THE RAIN OMFFFFFG!!!!!! >w< !!!!!!! ♥♥♥
The character choices were a little weird though. Kyouya as Mr. Collins? LAWL. Mori as Mr. Bennet? LAWL-ER XDD Renge was a perfect Mrs. Bennet though. XDD

GAHHH I CANNOT STOP FREAKING OUT ABOUT HOW FREAKING AWESOME THIS WAS. 'Pride and Prejudice' is only like, MY ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIE EVER. Perhaps next only to 'Blades of Glory,' but that doesn't really count because can you see an Ouran crossover with that?

Ohhhh, that totally made my day. Month. YEAR. ♥♥♥
And there's a Kyouya/Haruhi version too. The characters make a lot more sense but the scenes didn't fit as well as this one.

KYAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! My inner fangirl is HAPPEEEEEE~ X3 ♥
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20 January 2008 @ 04:55 pm

Yay! I finished my deviantID :DD I'm so proud of it, I have to say the end result turned out SO MUCH BETTER than I expected >w< OMG FANART IS SO ADDICTING DRAWING IS MY NEW FAVORITE THING TO DO NOW XDD
I didn't color myself though (I'm still not sure how yet :\) so to keep everything balanced I drew colorful floating thingies around my head ^w^

Yup. Let's be friends, kay? :3 ==> makarena83@da.com
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15 January 2008 @ 02:56 pm
Seriously. IT'S ABOUT TIME! ♥♥♥♥

Behold an LJ-cut with me fangirling over chapter 57 of Ouran. Spoilers? Pfft. It should've been obvious from the start ;]
Yays for Haruhi :DDCollapse )
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13 January 2008 @ 12:21 pm
I really have to break my habit of drinking other people's drinks because now I got mono. Or at least I think so. My neck feels puffy and I've been extremely tired no wonder I've stopped being an insomniac O_O. I feel disgusting DX Finally the term "swollen lymph nodes" mean something to me.

Guhh. ;_; I feel really bad now, because yesterday I let my brother drink my water bottle. Ew. DX

And yet another reason why I can't be a doctor - sick people (including me) gross me out.

I hope this goes by really fast. At least I can't spread mono on my computer ...right? so I can still go on with my usual activities. For now. O_O I heard I'm supposed to get a fever and more crap, but I can deal with that.

Maybe that could get me out of midterms...O:

In other news: I don't care if she's just a fanservice character. Yoko from Gurren Lagann is KICKASS LOVE >w<
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05 January 2008 @ 06:09 pm

Finally finished AIR, and even 11 episodes later they're still trying to confuse me DX Why is it that all the dramas I watch include some mysterious disease? What was with that guy in the end?? And where's Potato?!? :O

AIR was alright...just sad. Occasionally amusing, but overall I get this depressed feeling :< The series as a whole would certainly make the weak of heart choke up. And normally I'm not like that, but...I did tear up during the Aozora song 8'] I definitely felt heartstrings tugged. Music can be so powerful, you know? When Misuzu was trying to walk to Haruka, I was only full of "D'aww"s. But then the song came up and I'm like, "...I am so going to start crying." *-*

Misuzu and Haruka are love ♥

I just wish they didn't chuck the other characters once they were done. I missed Kano :< I think next to Misuzu's story, hers was my favorite. And the Minagi/Michiru arc was only interesting near the end. But that's because I love/hate parting scenes ;-; it's where I'm most emotional...shaddup DX.

Uguu~ I think I like Kanon better still. Probably because I didn't have to deal with the countless moments of staring out into the sky, thinking something wing/dream/sky related. Really, it quickly became more exhausting than profound. :[

This day felt like it took forever, but I blink and now it's almost done. Such a strange world...gahh the drama is getting to my head! *needs comedy fast*
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04 January 2008 @ 04:48 pm
2 weeks and I already lost my PSP X____X

And my dad just ordered the 4G memory stick DDDX

It's probably around here somewhere in my room, but I just keep overlooking it because I'm such a butthead. And I know that I brought it home from the New Years party, because I distinctly remember clutching onto it for my dear life while I sat in my car freezing cold.
GRRRRRR. I bet one of my brothers know where it is.
Or worse: my parents know where it is and are hoarding it from me to test my responsibility. >:OOOO Damn them! Give me back my goddamn PSP! DX<<

And even worse than that: they really DON'T know where my PSP is when I assume they do, and they get all freaked out if/when I tell them and start yelling about how irresponsible I am.

No matter how you see it, I'm sooooo screwed unless I find it. X_X

+edit 1: Scratch the whole "parents really knowing where it is." They don't. I disproved that five minutes ago DX. Status: STILL SCREWED.

+edit 2: Well I found it. Or, my brother found it. In the basement HIS FAULT DX<

I'm not even happy that I found it. More like, pissed that I had to flip my house upside down and endure the wrath that is mommy and daddy.

On the bright side, I borrowed Harvest Moon from Blockbuster, so now I can do something :D
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02 January 2008 @ 11:12 am
Haha, what a kick ass new years party :] I actually enjoyed yesterday/two days ago better than Christmas.

clickyyyy~Collapse )

So other than that, my sleep patterns have changed. Instead of sleeping from 11 to 7, I sleep from 1 to 10. That's rather inconvenient, considering I have to go back to school (:P) and wake up at 6...and my personality with 5 hours of sleep is equivalent to skipping through a minefield. Or Kyouya in the morning. ^^

My new shows: The Count of Monte Cristo, Air, Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, and Gurren Lagann. (eccentricbaka, your recommendations are the best :DD)

My resolutions: To do something about my wardrobe which has been neglected since my uniform days began; to make it seem like I did my homework over break; to be nicer? Pfffft. I'll forget them by next week. :P

And finally, to the recently friended: Hay thar :] ♥
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29 December 2007 @ 01:17 pm
Psh. LJ cuts. Who needs 'em :P

- Why is everyone saying Happy New Year today? And yeseterday? Last time I checked 2008 begins on Tuesday January 1, 2008 :\

- I'm addicted to guitar. I found the chords to 「GOD KNOWS」, which is loaded with bar chords that make my wrists hurt. And yet I still carry on. It's funny, because usually when there are lots of bar chords, I skip it. Haruhi is enough motivation for me though XD


- I set up my computer so I can type in Japanese. SO FRIGGING COOL. 大好き!だんご大家族! lol Behold my limited Japanese. I don't even know if that's right. I tried to say "daisuki!" and "dango daikazoku!" but I'm not sure about the kanji. ^^;

- Guess who needs new manga to read and new anime to watch?? :DD

- I started reading 「SCHOOL RUMBLE」 and yes I am going to keep doing that until I get sick of it...NEVAH >D. It's funny until her antics became predicatble. But when I was first reading it I was LMAO-ing XD (I'm still laughing at the Harry Mackenzie thing XDD I love Harima ♥) So I'm going to stick with it because I need some comedy to help me pass time until the next chaper for 「桜蘭高校ホスト部」.

- BWAHAHAHA >D *such a Japan-geek*

- Need to clean my room.

- And sleep.

- And do homework.

- GARRRRR. Why did I just remind myself of that?!?! TT__TT

- *runs off to neglect duties* もってけ!
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21 December 2007 @ 11:25 pm
Finally, Christmas break :DDD Today marks the day I start doing absolutely nothing school related for a week! And then realize that we HAVE to go back and have to actually complete the work they gave us. But I'm trying really hard not to remember ^^

I don't remember if I mentioned my dad impulsively buying a PS3 (the cheap one that doesn't play PS2 games, so now we've probably got $200+ worth of videogames that we can't play anymore since we had to sell the PS2 to by the PS3. See Sony? This is why Nintendo is kicking your ass in the videogame industry :P). Anyway, I watched Hairspray on it, and I was AMAZED by the quality of the movie. It was so clear and shiny OwO I think I'm going to stop watching movies on my crappy laptop now. Now I have this strange fetish for Hi-Def. XD''

Speaking of movies, SWEENEY TODD IS OUT TODAY AND I NEED TO WATCH IT. I saw the broadway musical, and it was epic. But I'm curious as to why it's rated R. My middle school music teacher showed us a DVD of the musical and it wasn't that inappropriate. I'd say PG-13 at the most. But then it is Tim Burton. And Johnny Depp ♥ Kyaaa~ >w< He's using his sexy pirate accent, so even if the movie adaptation sucks, I'm sure I'll love it anyway XDD

I learned how to play 'A Perfect Sonnet' by Bright Eyes on guitar \^__^/ It's actually really easy, it's just the speed and the strumming that's kind of hard. One day I'll buy a mike/learn how to use the one on my laptop and figure out these LJ Voice Post things. Then I'll play you a song :3 (because God knows YouTube will get me killed =w=)

The space below my Christmas tree is depressingly EMPTY D: It's probably because I end up opening the present right after someone gives it to me. I hate the suspense XP
But my friend made me these minty sugar cookies and they're really addicting *w*
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